be the light ~


Would you consider a gift of $10 or $20 or more to help Light a Path take the next step? Light a Path is ready to step and more than anything else right now, we need your financial support. We have created a beautiful platform for real change, for wellness and resilience for all. We are in the community, changing lives for the better, now. And, we need you to join us, to be the light, to be a part of the movement that is creating resilience through connection.

Should you wish to read no further, cut right to the chase and help us – here is the link to our secure donations page.

Light a Path is here to support your sharing and your receiving. Whether you seek to share the gifts of yoga, mindfulness, movement, sound, art or somatic healing or you are in need of these practices with no ability to access them- we are here for you. We connect those that are service-minded somatic practitioners with those that have limited access to holistic resources. Light a Path currently serves three populations: the incarcerated, the unhoused and youth-at-risk. We are working to extend the platform for two more areas: those in recovery and those that are in transition.

Light a Path is 100% volunteer driven. Our volunteers share yoga, running, meditation and more because they wish to. We spend hours each day working on support systems for the programs, doing outreach, creating supportive structures and more because we believe in this mission and that is our motivation.

Our request for financial support comes from necessity. We need your help to both build our reach and ability to educate as well as to offer more support in our current efforts.

We have dreams, big dreams. And together, we are making them happen.

So yes! Please join us! We would love your financial support as well as your gift of time and energy. Let’s be the light, let’s share the light.

Thank you for your consideration. Light a Path is a 501c-3 nonprofit and all donations are tax-deductible.




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