Youth-at-risk talks yoga


The school year is wrapping up and along with it, our teachers that have been sharing the practices of yoga and mindfulness with youth-at-risk in area schools are finishing their classes too.

Across the board, the kids are sad. For many of these kids, this once a week yoga class is one of the few times that someone shows up consistently for them. Not because they are paid, not because it is their job but just because the volunteers care and want to share a practice that might be the start of self-care and well-being for these kids.

Connection creates resilience.

One of our teachers, Rachel Adams, shared some of the letters that the youth she works with wrote for her, on their last day together. All of the letters had a tone of wistfulness, of longing. And all of the letters applauded Rachel as a person and as a teacher. They were all sweetly encouraging of her as a person, which is extraordinary, should you stop to consider the challenges that these children deal with each day.

A number of the letters included drawings of Rachel teaching and a student practicing.

In the interest of confidentiality, we won’t share the school location or the names of the students but we will share some of the sentiments:

“I really liked the yoga you did with us! My favorite part was the final relaxation pose. I feel sad we won’t be able to do yoga anymore. But I’m sure you will make some other kids happy.”

“I think you did real good at teaching us. Thank you for being nice. You are a good teacher.”

“Thank you for leading us in yoga. You helped me relax and be calm! I enjoyed doing yoga because it made me peaceful.”

“I love yoga. It soothes me and gets rid of my stress. I wish you would stay. I love being on the mat with you.”

Light A Path is committed to sharing the tools of mindfulness and yoga with area youth-at-risk. The volunteers that work in this field report incredible satisfaction with their efforts and classes. We would love to expand our programming to all middle schools and high schools in western North Carolina.

Please consider supporting this work- there are so many ways that you can help to light a path- perhaps with your own unique gift or talent, perhaps financially, perhaps by volunteering or maybe some combination of these. Visit us online at for more information or to donate. Thank you.




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